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Days Narutoverse vs Seireitou Hyuga. Naruto x Harem. Hot sexy girls fucking pics. Mei terumi lesbian. All of the other women came already, so they decided to get involved with Kushina and Kaguya. And immediately offered to kill him Not changing my sig till Nintendo makes a motha fudga kong Start: Naruto and Kurama go back in time, with a few friends, to try and fix their war before it can even happen.

They knocked on the door, where Kushina answered. This contest was a sexual contest, it was styled after a contest civilians did called the Olympic games, but the rules and equipment was changed to make it a lot more sexual, the only reason Tsunade was doing this was because one, who ever won got a huge cash prize and a rare chakra dildo, and the second reason she was doing this is that she was sexually frustrated as fuck, she hasn't gotten any in years so this was a chance to not only show that she was still the most sexiest woman out there but also the best out there to.

Kushina was fucking Kaguya extremely hard and fast with the strap-on, the goddess' legs still spread wide open and in the air and her hands behind her head with her eyes rolled up, tongue sticking out and smiling, doing an ahegao face. Takusan no Hajimete So many firsts 28 pictures hot.

Tsunade looked at the letter that she had received from Mei the current Mizukage, she had heard of this contest from Tsunade, she had sent a letter to Mei explaining what the contest was and its contests. Precure [English] [Yuri-ism] Japanese Title: Tsunade spun around while yelling to Mei "Here goes" Mei responded with a quick "ok" before lining her pussy up with Tsunade's and she felt Tsunade thrust the dildo towards her pussy. Tsunade was also happy to hear her friend didn't want to compete against each other either since they both agreed that the other was beautiful and incredibly sexy.

Naruto didn't know the world would be turned into his personal Fetish! Kushina bounced up and down on the strapped dildo as Kaguya thrusted in and out of Kushina's pussy, keeping in sync with her hips' rhythm. Full Title: They bumped assess together due to a few last attempts to separate.

I'm supposed to be working. Sex porn in youtube. Haku - for his part - would learn that, for all the fierceness of a honed weapon, the human heart could inflict infinite more damage. Tsunade took a dildo and shoved it inside Mei's pussy, who was lying on her back, and caused her to moan loudly.

On the deep end, Yugao continued to finger fuck Mei while fingering herself as well. Topic Archived First Page 2 of 2. Remember Me. NarutoBoruto: Everyone looked up at the light, covering their eyes. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me Forgot password?

After everyone managed to orgasm, the other women made their way to the 3 MILFs and they began to discuss. This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards.

I'm horny. Meanwhile, Anko was playing around with Kurenai. Seeing the goddess' body caused all the other MILFs to become wet and horny again. Adult sexy girl. Karura, unable to contain herself, stood over Mikoto, knees bent, and squirted all over Kushina and Mikoto, causing them all to yell out in pure ecstacy.

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The Team 8 leader got on her knees, spreading her legs apart, waiting to see what Anko would do.

After everyone managed to orgasm, the other women made their way to the 3 MILFs and they began to discuss. Naked pictures of aj cook. That's why she's attracted to Sasuke, right? On the deep end, Yugao continued to finger fuck Mei while fingering herself as well.

New Stories: And Naruto thinks he's the smart one? Download 11 0. Not changing my sig till Nintendo makes a motha fudga kong Start: Download 19 1. What if the Kumo Envoy ran into Naruto the day of the kidnapping and decided to test his luck and try to kidnap not only a Hyuga, but also kidnap the heir to the Uzumaki clan.

It started off as a prank Da-Boy-Wonder08 posted Log In Sign Up. Anyway thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed, this is my first ever fanfiction so I hope you liked it, this was my first attempt to write a sex scene so hope it was ok, it you found the ending weird that was because as I said this was for those who have a stuck fetish and can't find any good stories out there, I will only do stuck fetish stories between lesbians on this channel or profile but I might do some straight if I like the male character, so if you have a request then let me know, it can be as weird as you like and include some other fetish's as long as it results in the two characters getting sexually stuck together at some point, I will also to futa as well, which is girls with dicks and pussies.

Replied Tsunade while she was taking heavy breaths, her body involuntary shaking a couple of times causing the dildo to shake inside her and her ass and breasts to ripple. Japanese Language. Mei terumi lesbian. Kushina, Mikoto and Karura were yelling the loudest of all. We don't quit just because we're wrong A woman will help him along the way. Nudes of hot girls. Meanwhile, Anko was playing around with Kurenai.

Anko got a vibrator and placed it inside Karura's pussy, who moaned loudly, while using a peeled banana as her own dildo.

And immediately offered to kill him The Senju did the same, however, the two MILFs continued to french kiss each other, their tongues wrestling inside their mouths. Kurenai, however, crossed her arms.

Anko and Kurenai grabbed each other and kissed as well, while Mei and Yugao began rubbing each others' clits at the deeper end of the pool. She's got issues over her age cause she thinks she's getting to the age when she can't become a bride.

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I decided to look for fanfics about shinobi oc's growing up in different villages, but I couldn't find any I enjoyed. In the yard was a large pool with a long, shallow end and a short deep end.

I need people to talk to around here, especially other females. Story Author. Kushina giggled. Every second, the MILFs fingered and licked each others' clits harder and faster, causing the moans to grow louder and harsher as well.

Or better yet, what if we catch someone peeping on us? Kiss Me! May 3, The whole city feels like some strange, beautiful flower, misted by the rain and scattered with rainbows. Brittany venti naked. Thus begins this terrible ordeal that will probably end with me dead, stressed to perpetual insomnia, entering a murder-suicide pact with a megalomaniacal, paranoid, misanthropic and mind-controlled brother, or all of the above. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Your review has been posted.

Story Author. Close Working The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Powerless by BunnyHoodlum Fandoms:

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